Annex 4 to BS/WG/EN/R(2023)1



1 July 2023 – 30 June 2025

Country-Coordinator: The Republic of Azerbaijan


This Action Plan is aimed at expanding relations among the Member States of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (hereinafter - BSEC) on energy security, trade, investment, and scientific research and promoting the exchange of experience on state-of-the-art technologies.

Achieving clean and affordable energy is a priority for all governments. The Action Plan of the BSEC Working Group on Energy is an important instrument for parties wishing to keep up with the challenges of today and the requirements of the future in terms of the use of clean energy.

Against the backdrop of numerous challenges related to ensuring energy security and changing market conditions, the BSEC Member States are mutually interested in the development of cooperation in the field of energy.

Proper attention will be paid to the Goal 4 of the Updated BSEC Economic Agenda and the provisions of the Green Energy Strategy (2018) considering new trends and transformation in the field of energy and SDGs.

For this purpose, the BSEC Working Group on Energy will take the following directions as a basis for cooperation among the BSEC Member States in the field of energy in 2023-2025:

  1. Exploring new cooperation opportunities among the Member States to ensure the important role of the BSEC as a mechanism for the development of energy cooperation in the region;
  2. Implementation of measures aimed at strengthening cooperation among energy exporting, importing, and transit countries in the Black Sea region;
  3. Continuing cooperation in bilateral and multilateral formats to enhance energy security, competitiveness, and sustainability in the Black Sea region;
  4. Development of the relevant infrastructure that can ensure continuous diversification of sources and routes of energy supply, which is part of the regional energy policy;
  5. Endeavoring to strengthen cooperation in energy supply, energy efficiency, traditional and renewable energy, advanced practices, and scientific research, as well as in other areas of interest by the BSEC Member States;
  6. Maintaining cooperation in the field of energy between the BSEC and other international organizations and encouraging participation in international events to be organized by the BSEC Member States;
  7. Advancing cooperation among the countries and peoples of the region in order to ensure stability and prosperity in the Black Sea region.



The BSEC Member States will continue cooperation in the areas of electricity, energy efficiency, renewable energy, advanced practices, and technology studies, as well as other areas of interest.

  1. Electricity
  • Continuing cooperation and exchange of mutual experience among the BSEC Member States in the field of electricity;
  • Exploring the possibilities of implementing joint regional projects in the field of electricity;
  • Conducting discussions on the assessment of electricity export potential through the Azerbaijan- Georgia-Romania Black Sea Submarine Cable Project to diversify regional energy relations and infrastructure;
  • Organizing seminars and trainings to study and exchange experience regarding energy market reforms.
  1. Energy efficiency
  • Identification of potential cooperation directions in the field of energy efficiency and energy technologies;
  • Exchange of experience and information on the implementation of energy efficiency policy and legislation;
  • Exchange of experience in the field of development and implementation of technical normative legal acts.
  1. Renewable energy sources
  • Encouraging the attraction of investment for the development of renewable energy sources, as well as implementing projects to train professionals to be engaged with the technologies used in this field;
  • Conducting joint research on the production and transportation of green energy, as well as hydrogen;
  • Exchange of experience by the BSEC Member States regarding the application of the green certification system (I – REC, Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin, etc.);
  • Exchange of experience related to the expansion of the use of geothermal energy;
  • Exchange of experience related to carbon crediting to improve economic viability of renewable energy use.
  1. Traditional energy
  • Ensuring the security of transportation of hydrocarbon resources through the diversification of sources and routes by the BSEC Member States;
  • Exchange of experience by the BSEC Member States on the elimination of energy supply disruptions and crisis management.
  1. Relations with international energy organizations
  • Advancing relations with International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), International Energy Agency (IEA), International Energy Charter (IEC), UNECE (Sustainable Energy Committee) and other international energy organizations.
  • Conducting promotional activities for organizing conferences and forums on ensuring energy security in the BSEC region by international energy organizations.



1st meeting                30 November 2023, online

2nd meeting                    November-December, 2024

3rd meeting                    June, 2025



BSEC Member States will endeavor to strengthen relations with the following BSEC institutions:

    1. Parliamentary Assembly of the BSEC (PABSEC)
    2. BSEC Green Energy Network (BSEC-GEN)
    3. Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTDB)
    4. International Center for Black Sea Studies (ICBSS)



The Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan

                    Address: 84, Uzeyir Hajibeyli Street, Baku (Government House), AZ1000 Phone: +994 12 598 16 53/54/55