Pursuant to Articles 4 and 12 of the BSEC Charter, the Working Group on Transport is a BSEC Subsidiary Organ and shall carry out its activities in accordance with the following Terms of Reference (ToR):



The general objectives of the Working Group:

Adoption of measures to continue building an integrated and sustainable transport system for the BSEC Region and developing safe and efficient transport links in order to facilitate trade and tourism and to enhance the overall welfare of the Member States, including through:

a) Coordination of efforts of the Member States towards enhancement of the legal and regulatory framework under existing international agreements and conventions in the field of transport and international transportation for the development of passenger and freight transport links as well as facilitation of border crossing in the BSEC Region.

b) Focus on facilitated procedures for the use of the transport networks in the BSEC Member States, aiming at further reinforcement of intra-regional trade flows, as well as facilitating transit of goods between Europe and Asia.

c) Implementation of projects aimed at ensuring transport interconnectivity of the regions and transport interoperability, introduction of intelligent transport systems and improving and developing road, maritime, aviation and railway infrastructure with a view to contributing to smooth flow of passengers and goods among the BSEC Member States.

d) Making use of innovative transport solutions and intelligent transport systems for enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of the international transport in the region.

e) Enhancing the cooperation among the Member States in the area of comprehensive interaction between modes of transport in the BSEC Region, including interaction in the field of passenger and freight ferry services, multimodal and combined transportation.

f) Promoting the development and implementation of harmonized information support systems in the Member States, including electronic data interchange, automatic issuance and electronic processing of transport and accompanying documents, electronic pre- declaration of cargo, development of telecommunication networks in the transport sector.

g) Continued close co-operation with international transport organizations and international financial institutions to develop an integrated transport network in the BSEC Region.


The mandate of the Working Group is to:

a) carry out the tasks defined by the Council in this ToR, as well as in the other resolutions, decisions and recommendations of the Council related to its activities;

b) draw up the cooperation projects as well as pursue implementation of such projects/activities in the area of its competence;

c) approve the priority areas for PDF funding in line with the two-year Plan of Action;

d) consider and approve the reports of the subordinated Ad Hoc Working Groups, Group of Experts or Task Force;

e) consider and approve the final documents (reports, conclusions, recommendations, summary of the proceedings etc.) of other BSEC events (seminars, workshops, symposia, conferences etc.) and submit them to the CSO together with a relevant draft decision;

f) submit to the Council reports on the progress of its activities, as well as relevant recommendations.

* The "Specific Provisions" of the Terms of Reference have to be read in conjunction with the "General Provisions".