Information & Communication Technologies

Mr. Alexei NISTREAN - Executive Manager in PERMIS in charge of the Working Group on Information and Communication Technologies       Tel: +90212 229 63 30  (Ext: 125)

The Republic of Armenia is the Country Coordinator of the Working Group on Information and Communication Technologies from 1 January 2024 until 31 December 2025.

The key priorities for BSEC activity in the field of information and communication technologies are defined by Goal 12 “Sustainable information society with advanced Information and Communication Technology infrastructure” of the “BSEC Economic Agenda Towards an Enhanced BSEC Partnership”, adopted in 2012.

Since the adoption of this strategic document, the BSEC actions were focused at supporting the efforts by the BSEC Member States to establish and develop relevant Information and Communication Technologies infrastructure with a view to addressing regional connectivity challenges and promoting viable projects in this sector, and, where appropriate, to sustain the provisions of a safer information communication network in the BSEC Region and the exchange of experience and best practices in the field of network and information systems security or cyber security.


The Korea-BSEC ICT Cooperation Program resulted in a number of seminars organized in Seoul and in the capitals of the Member States for the representatives of BSEC Member States, organized with the financial support of the Government of the Republic of Korea.


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