Project Promotion Facility

The “Black Sea Project Promotion Facility” was established through a voluntary contribution of 1 million US Dollars by the Russian Federation to the BSEC PERMIS, following the signing of a Donor Agreement between the Donor, the BSEC PERMIS and the BSTDB and of a Cooperation Agreement between the BSEC PERMIS and the BSTDB.

The creation of this facility is an important contribution to the project management capacity of the BSEC Organization and is open to contributions by additional donors.

The funded activities will conform to the BSEC principles and objectives, as contained in Article 3 of the BSEC Charter, in particular, promote the spirit of friendship and good neighborliness and enhance mutual respect and confidence, dialogue and cooperation among the BSEC Member States.

Call for Proposals

Cooperation Agreement between BSEC PERMIS and BSTDB

Donor Agreement

Grant Application Form

Grant Contract_BSEC vs Beneficiary

Operating Guidelines