(1 January 2017 – 31 December 2018)




The general objective of the present Plan of Action 2017-2018 is to strengthen the cooperation in the field of culture, aiming to emphasize the role and impact of culture and cultural policies in the Member States and the BSEC Region through:

- Promotion of cultural diversity of the BSEC Region;

- Fostering mutual understanding and intercultural dialogue, respecting diverse cultural traditions and history of the Black Sea Region;

- Raising awareness on and safeguarding the monuments and sites considered as part of the natural and cultural heritage;

- Inclusion of culture in other sectorial policies and cross-cutting issues and activities (cultural tourism, education, youth, technologies, smart specializations, etc.) within and outside the BSEC Region.

The specific objectives:

Setting the following goals for the activity in the period 2017-2018 in the framework of the Serbian coordination of the BSEC Working Group on Culture, emphasizing the role of Culture as a tool for social and economic development in the BSEC Region, in the fields of:

A. Cultural Heritage and Promotion:

Cooperation on the issues related to cultural heritage

Cultural heritage (movable/ immovable and tangible/intangible) represents an important resource for development of each country. Cultural heritage as a resource for development of tourism serves as well as a resource for sustainable development for local communities:

- developing projects such as: “Cultural Routes”; hospitality traditions etc.
- developing emblematic projects of the BSEC Region such as: “Cultural Port on the Black Sea”, “New Silk Road”, etc.
- encouraging the participation in the archeological film festivals in order to raise awareness and visibility of the archeological heritage and sites, etc.

An important step shall be the cooperation with the international organizations (UNESCO, Council of Europe, etc.) and initiatives, associations and institutions and jointly applying to their transnational programs with the ultimate aim to have an impact on the regional development.

B. Cultural exchange and protection of cultural expressions:

- Encouraging the mobility of artists and professionals in the field of Culture and Arts in the
BSEC Member States (invitation to the festivals and other events);
- Stimulating creativity and innovation (developing common projects) and consequently
contributing to socio-economic development;
- Sharing the best practices in national policies;
- Protection of creative expressions in different artistic fields - literature, music, cinema, local traditions, (crafts), etc.


The key priorities for the activity of the Working Group, as defined by the “BSEC Economic Agenda Towards an Enhanced BSEC Partnership” of 2012, are the following:

- Establishing a network of experts in order to promote research on the common cultural heritage of the Black Sea Region, including cultural tourism (development of “Cultural Routes”);

- Creation of museum networks, in different fields;

- Developing and promoting projects related to the BSEC cultural heritage (movable/ immovable and tangible/intangible), whereas the priority shall be given to the transcultural elements;

- Special attention shall be paid to the fight against illicit trafficking of cultural artefacts, in accordance with the national legislations of the BSEC Member States and relevant international instruments;

- Presentation of multinational candidatures for inscription in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List and Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage;

The cultural and creative sectors shall contribute to increasing the regional attractiveness and influence the socio-economic development in the BSEC Region.

- Promoting cultural and creative industries and strengthening the role that they play in the cooperation among the BSEC Member States and developing of joint projects and new partnerships in the field of culture and contemporary arts (literature, theatre, dance, music, visual arts, etc.);

- Encouraging the mobility of artists and exchange of artworks and programs in the Black Sea Region via Open Calls;

- An important point shall be establishing of several Task Forces, in order to promote different cultural areas in the Black Sea Region (e.g. literature, film industry, etc.);

An intensified communication within the network of the Member States would impact the respective policies through the exchange and implementation of the best practices concerning all the issues mentioned within this Plan of Action.


a) Activities

Creation of a BSEC Cultural Platform

Aiming to foster communication, visibility and to reach all actors in the BSEC Region and to offer a range of different information concerning the BSEC Member States, it is important to create the common digital place in order to share information and project progress.

Other planned activities and projects:

1. Organization of a BSEC Film Festival and participation in film festivals;
2. Cooperation of the National Film Centers (within Task Forces)
3. Production of the TV specials (60 min.) with the collaboration among the national TV stations.
(selection and promotion of emblematic cultural heritage or interesting stories)
- Cooperation of the National broadcasting agencies

b) Joint projects (ongoing)

1. Collection of the XX century works of the classic literature writers

The literature is one of the best ways to get better to know each other and to exchange the common values of the geographical identity of the Black Sea Region.
The WG on Culture should support the digitalization of the literary art works in order to make them more accessible.
An identification of the holders/coordinators of this project in each country (institution, editor, etc.) will be needed. Envisaged languages of the BSEC Region.

2. Cultural Traditions of Hospitality in the BSEC Region

The collaboration of the homologue institutions is suggested with the aim to produce the common CD with traditional music/songs and instruments; / all national traditions to be presented on the BSEC Cultural Platform and promoted in all countries;
The Parties shall encourage cooperation in the field of intangible cultural heritage, by supporting traditional national cultural activities, festivals and art fairs, various achievements through joint exhibitions in the field of exchange of traditional music, crafts and other traditional values.

3. Cultural Routes

Encouraging cultural tourism / ”Cultural Routes” projects in the Black Sea region and their implementation. Developing “Cultural Routes” with transnational elements related to the tourism offer.

4. Cultural Port of the Black Sea

An “umbrella” action for all development initiatives that connect across borders – transnational level the Black Sea countries, particularly through the large ports currently active. It will promote the cultural value of these areas, linking the past with the present.

c) Draft Agreements/MoUs


1. Draft Memorandum of Understanding on the protection of cultural heritage of the BSEC Member States ;

2. Draft Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in Combating Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Property Belonging to the Archaeological, Historical, Ethnographical and Paleontological Heritage and Arts among the BSEC Member States.


The priorities of the BSEC Working Group on Culture to be funded in the next period from the BSEC Project Development Fund (PDF) will be the projects and activities encompassed within the following areas (as agreed at the Meeting in November 2011 in Bucharest) :

- Intangible cultural heritage (research and promotion);
- Cultural routes;
- Cultural and creative industries (translations, film co-productions, etc.).


1st Meeting spring 2017 (BSEC HQ Istanbul / 14 June)
- Adoption of the Plan of Action and discussion on the revision of priorities;

2nd Meetingautumn 2017 (BSEC HQ Istanbul, November, TBC)
- Consideration of the main issues of the agenda and the joint projects;

3rd Meeting spring 2018 (Belgrade, TBC)
- Consideration of the joint projects and preparation of the Meeting of Ministers in charge of Culture (March 2018);

4th Meetingautumn 2018 (BSEC HQ Istanbul or Belgrade/TBC)
- Consideration and adoption of the evaluation report of the Country-Coordinator.


- Meeting of Ministers in charge of Culture of the BSEC Member States (Belgrade, spring 2018) – adoption of a “Joint Statement/Declaration” (TBD).

(to be organized in Serbia)

1. Round table on cultural heritage in the frame of the Archeological Film Festival (March 2018), experts;
2. BTB market on Belgrade Film Festival (March, 2018) or similar festival in the AV sector.


a) Other Working Groups:
- Joint Meeting with the BSEC Working Group on Cooperation in Tourism (BSEC HQ),
2018 – consideration of Cultural routes/cultural tourism projects;

b) Related Bodies:
- International Centre for Black Sea Studies (ICBSS) – seminars, workshops;
- PABSEC Cultural, Educational and Social Affairs Committee.


- UN, UNESCO , UNWTO, UNDP, UN Alliance of Civilizations;
- Council of Europe (Cultural Routes; Eurimages);
- Council of Ministers of Culture of South-East Europe;
- European Union.


With the aim to achieve the above-mentioned objectives, further coordination will be encouraged so as to ensure the coherence of all follow-up actions by the Member States to the implementation of the present Plan of Action.

In this endeavor the close cooperation among the Chairman-in-Office, Country-Coordinator of the Working Group and the BSEC PERMIS is imperative.

Annex I


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Ms. Ivana Zečević
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