Healthcare & Pharmaceutics

Romania is the Country-Coordinator for the Working Group on Healthcare and Pharmaceutics for the term 1 July 2018 - 30 June 2020

Ambassador Llesh Kola - Executive Manager in PERMIS in charge of the Working Group


Public health has been another area of concern for the BSEC which led to the adoption of a Plan of Action in Tbilisi (Georgia) in June 1996 targeting measures against contagious diseases, drug addictions and for the protection of vulnerable groups.

Cooperation in pharmaceutics is seen as another promising area. As intra-regional trade moves, opportunities for business in this sphere is expected to pick up.


The Working Group on Health Care and Pharmaceutics is assigned with the following tasks:

1. To seek ways and means of promoting closer and more beneficial cooperation among the Participating States in the fields of health care and pharmaceutics.

2. To plan joint actions for the extension to all the Participating States of the achievements and benefits of medicine and pharmaceutics.

3. To facilitate the improvement of nutrition, housing, sanitation, recreation, economic and working conditions and other aspects of environmental hygiene.

4. To extend cooperation among scientific and professional groups which contribute to the advancement of health aiming at conducting research in the fields of medicine and pharmaceutics.

5. To enhance the services of maternal and child health and birth planning and to promote the cooperation opportunities in these fields.

6. To contribute to the activities in the field of mental health, particularly those affecting the harmony of human relations; to protect the society from harmful habits.

7. To elaborate with the contribution of the Participating States measures and proposals of action for medical care under emergency situations (natural calamities, epidemic diseases, conflicts, refugees, etc.).

8. To cooperate with the Working Group on Environmental Protection for solving certain problems related to preventing the spread of epidemic and endemic diseases, chemical and radiological security, etc.

9. To cooperate with the Working Group on Agriculture and Agro-industry on the issue of veterinary protection and control.

10. The exchange of experience in training specialized personnel in the Participating States in the medical related professions.

11. To develop the cooperation ties in the area of pharmaceutical industries, with the active involvement of both public and private sectors.

12. To promote within the BSEC region the introduction of international standards with respect to food, biological and pharmaceutical products.

13. To exchange information on health care and to encourage cooperation among data processing units.

14. The promotion and institutionalization of cooperation in the field of education programs before and after graduation in medical sciences.

15. To provide assistance to the Participating States in developing an informed public opinion on matters of health care.

16. To develop cooperation with specialized organizations within the United Nations and other international institutions in the field of protection of health.